Our Team



Maryland Stork Lady is owned and operated by Stephanie Hill, a proud mother of two children, Edward and Bria. Starting out with only a handful of storks and lawn signs, Maryland Stork Lady has grown and now provides countless lawn display greetings and yard cards each year for customers in the Baltimore/Washington Region. We are proud of the experiences that we have created for our customers and value the reputation that we have earned throughout our company’s life span.


Yard Card Specialist

Bria is a Licensed Therapist and works with children in the public school system.  Bria is also the owner of @briashotthat and provides photography and videography services.



Edward is Cyber Analyst. He enjoys playing soccer, staying fit and flying drones. Edward is a sign retriever at MSL.


Mascot & Sign Approver

Meet Max! Max is the MSL mascot and enjoys riding along to each delivery. He enjoys sleeping and eating treats. Max inspects each display and gives his sign of approval with a bark.